Principles of Manufacturing (30M011)

Grades:  9-12      Length:  1 year      Credit: 1 credit      GPA weight: 1.0

Prerequisite:  None

In Principles of Manufacturing, students are introduced to knowledge and skills used in the proper application of principles of manufacturing. The study of manufacturing technology allows students to reinforce, apply, and transfer academic knowledge and skills to a variety of interesting and relevant activities. Students will gain an understanding of what employers require to gain and maintain employment in manufacturing careers.

Agricultural Mechanics & Metal Technologies (30A311)

Grades: 10-12      Length: 1 year      Credit: 1      GPA weight: 1.0

Prerequisite: Principles of Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources

Note: Students enrolling in this course will be required to pay a lab fee for welding

This course emphasizes: Preparation of students for entry-level positions in the Agriculture industry. Students will study farm equipment operation, repair welding, general farm maintenance including fence and shed construction, electricity, plumbing, concrete, surveying and rope work. This course includes classroom instruction, practical lab work on farm equipment.


Agriculture Equipment Design & Fabrication (30A322)

Grades: 11-12      Length: 1 year      Credit: 2          GPA weight: Fall 1.1, Spring 1.2

Prerequisite: Agricultural Mechanics & Metal Technologies

This course emphasizes: The design and construction a welding project demonstrating the safe use of arc, TIG, MIG and oxy-acetylene welders. Emphasis will be placed on out-of-position welding technique. Other topics: careers, cutting torch, plasma arc cutting, brazing, and TIG welding.

Welding 1204 (30A32S)

Grades: 11      Length: 1/2 year      Credits: 1      GPA weight: 1.2

Prerequisite: Principles of Manufacturing & Agricultural Mechanics & Metal Technologies

This course emphasizes: An introduction to the fundamentals of equipment used in oxy-fuel and arc welding, including welding and cutting safety, basic oxy-fuel welding and cutting, basic arc welding processes and basic metallurgy.


Welding 1428 (30A42S)

Grades: 12      Length: 1/2 year      Credits: 1      GPA weight: 1.2

Prerequisite: Principles of Manufacturing, Agricultural Mechanics & Metal Technologies, & Welding Dual 2

This course emphasizes: An introduction to the shielded metal arc welding process.  Emphasis placed on power sources, electrode selection, oxy-fuel cutting, and various joint designs.  Instruction provided in SMAW fillet weld is in various positions.


Practicum in Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources (30A912 or 30A913 or 30A923)

Grades: 12      Length: 1 year      Credit: 2 or 3      GPA weight: 1.0

Prerequisite: Agricultural Equipment Design & Fabrication

This course emphasizes: A capstone experience for students participating in a coherent sequence of career and technical education courses in the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources cluster. Students are required to serve in paid or unpaid internship opportunities. Students must provide transportation to internship opportunities.

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