Hospitality and Tourism

Principles of Hospitality and Tourism (30I002)

Grades: 9-12     Length: 1 year     Credit: 1.0     GPA weight:1

Prerequisite: None 

Principles of Hospitality and Tourism introduces students to an industry that encompasses lodging, travel and tourism, recreation, amusements, attractions, and food/beverage operations. Students learn knowledge and skills focusing on communication, time management, and customer service that meet industry standards. Students will explore the history of the hospitality and tourism industry and examine characteristics needed for success in that industry.


Culinary Arts (30I120 or 30I121)

Grades: 10-12      Length: 1 year     Credit: 1 or 2      GPA weight: 1.0

Prerequisite: Introduction to Culinary Arts

This course emphasizes: Extends the knowledge gained in the introduction class.  Students understand the impact of specialized diets and prepare for the professional setting in which they will be engaged while in the practicum classes.


Practicum in Culinary Arts I (30I812 or 30I912)

Grades: 11-12      Length: 1 year      Credit: 2           GPA weight: 1.1

Prerequisite: Culinary Arts

This course emphasizes: Practicum in Culinary Arts is an applied-knowledge course to prepare students for careers in the culinary field as a personal chef, caterer, executive chef, and food and beverage manager. Upon completion of this course, proficient students will have an understating of commercial kitchen safety and sanitation, menu planning, food presentation, purchasing and inventory, preparation skills, cooking principles, and food preparation. Students will gain experience in commercial food production and service operations, while preparing for further training at the post secondary level.

Practicum in Culinary Arts II (30I913 or 30I914)

Grades: 12      Length: 1 year      Credit: 2 or 3      GPA weight: 1.0

Prerequisite: Culinary Arts I

This course emphasizes: A similar experience to Practicum in Culinary Arts I with a mixture of skills taught to a more in-depth level.

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